About me

Maya04aI am an independent researcher, writer and advisor working on the business of sustainable development.

I have been involved in setting up, supporting and researching experiments aimed at reshaping the landscape for business: the relationship between financial regulation and green investment, sustainability reporting, social and environmental standards, socially responsible investment, consumer labels, multi-sector partnerships and public policies to mobilise private investment.

Organisations I have worked with include the Center for Global Development, The B Team, UNEP Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial System, The Center for Global Development,  The Transparency and Accountability Initiative, Global Green Growth Initiative, Green Growth Global Forum (3GF), General Electric, Publish What You Fund, The World Business Council for Sustainable Development, UNICEF, The South African Renewables Initiative, Project Catalyst and AccountAbility. I started my working life at the New Economics Foundation.  I have often worked, and continue to, as a associate of Simon Zadek.

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Stuff I used to work on

Should you want pictures of me they are here (Credit: Barney Cokeliss)

Why so much about tax?  I have followed the tax and corporate responsibility debates over recent years. This blog was not intended to be all-about-tax, but I have ended up writing a number of blog posts here on the topic to try to unpick some of the issues, and frequent misunderstandings which contribute to a fairly dysfunctional debate on the morality, ethics and development impacts of corporate tax issues (more on on my personal motivations here, and also here: ‘1 minute with Maya Forstater’ in Tax Journal).

Why so much about sex and gender? I am starting to write about sex and gender because it is a difficult topic that organisations working in development, human rights and for global social change, and progressive businesses need think clearly about.  I started out, thinking that inclusion must mean being open to people redefining gender and sex. But talking to many people and reading around, I have changed my mind and i think that the idea that a woman is ‘anyone who identifies as a woman’ is regressive, incoherent risks undermining women’s rights. It is critical for inclusion and equality to recognise that male and female sexes exist, that being a woman is a material reality based on biological sex, and that sexism and sex discrimination exist. Everyone’s human rights should be protected, but there are real legal, policy and equity questions about whether male bodied people should have access to women’s single sex services and women’s sports, and I believe that people should be able to talk about the issue.


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You can find me here:


13 Responses to “About me”

  1. 1 Marie Grier

    Hi Maya, I found your site via your twitter page, I couldn’t join others to tweet #istandwithMaya, because I was banned for politely disagreeing with a political candidate and having the temerity to cite a source to back up my claim. Back on subject, thank you so very much for speaking truth to this insane presumption of power over. I’m a 60 yr old woman, a rape survivor and the mother of a daughter. I grew up when so much of society was championing women’s rights that it’s like a slap in the face. Your arguments are spot on, we have every right to express our concerns on the wider implications as well as to demand our privacy, safety and rights.

    • 2 Tirelessly Explaining Reality to Fools

      I completely agree with you. I am a bit younger than you but I grew up before everything for girls was compulsorily pink. All the female members of my family went to Greenham. We fought for women’s rights. We chanted ‘NO means NO’. We campaigned against section 28.

      We have the right to men free spaces. We have the right not to have to see penises when we go swimming or try on clothes. We have the right to date who we want to date, or not date at all. We have the right to be gender-free, and not fulfil sexist stereotypes.

  2. 3 Maya D Liar

    HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

    You lost, you stupid transphobic scumbag.

    You are a lying little toerag you. Not a fan of truthiness, eh? #MayatheLiar

    PS: JK Rowling is scum

    • 4 Tirelessly Explaining Reality to Fools

      J K Rowling rocks my world. Maya is fab.

  3. 5 Tirelessly Explaining Reality to Fools

    Thanks for standing up for women and girls. I was #peaktrans-ed two years ago when I was called transphobic for not considering a transman’s surgically created penis to be ‘real’. Since then I was horrified when a friend’s daughter, who had been groomed and raped from the age of 11, and who started to dress as male to put off the rapist, was given T by the Tavistock, without any kind of rape counselling or trauma therapy.

    Keep on fighting the good fight. And JKR is AWESOME!



  5. 7 Gill Gabel

    Thank you so much Maya. Why should women be punished for speaking a scientific fact – that humans who have XY chromosomes throughout their entire body are biologically males of yhe species homo sapiens and are sperm producers – while those who have XX chromosomes throughout their entire body are females of the species homo sapiens and are egg producers.

    This is a different isdue from the rigjts of those of either species to dress and act and call themselves whatever they like, and to have consensual xed with whom so ever they like.
    BUT they cannot ever BE a different sex.

    There are those few in number who are born with chromosomal irregularities – that is a medical problem totally unconnected with the issue you have been fighting.

    Thank you for what you have done for women’s rights.

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  4. 4 Maya Forstater: 5 faits rapides que vous devez savoir - Parc d'attraction - tous savoir
  5. 5 J.K. Rowlings' fallout with the so-called transgender movement is instructive - Bookworm Room
  6. 6 J.K. Rowlings' fallout with the so-called transgender movement is instructive - Watcher of Weasels

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