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You may have seen this little viral video that is doing the rounds, from the New Economics Foundation*. There is also a report called Growth Isn’t Possible which goes with it. I am all for accessible and pithy ways of highlighting issues and opening up debate, and the report makes a couple of important, if […]

China wrecked the Copenhagen deal, or so says Mark Lynas (who was in the room as part of the Maldives delegation). The explosive news that it was China that insisted on removing the commitment by industrialised country to cut their own greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050, reverberated around the internet last week (over […]

Copenfailure, Tokenhagen, Flopenhagen, Dopenhagen…. The Danish city has certainly proved a fertile ground for creative ways to express disappointment. While much remains unclear about what the Copenhagen Accord will mean in practice, it is clear what it has failed to deliver: No tighter limits on greenhouse-gas emissions. Nothing legally binding Not enough money made available […]

The first time I walked into the UNFCCC negotiations – which wasn’t so long ago (Bangkok in October), but long enough ago that I feel like I’ve had a little bit of a run-up on Copenhagen – my first thoughts were ‘what a crazy way to run the world’. So many hours and words were […]