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Elaine Cohen has written a great guide to Twitter for CSR professionals (or as I put it in the space restricted environment of Twitter, which makes you often makes you seem ruder than you would normally be in real life – it’s a CSR-nerd view). Introducing more CSR folks to the value of Twitter is […]

Copenfailure, Tokenhagen, Flopenhagen, Dopenhagen…. The Danish city has certainly proved a fertile ground for creative ways to express disappointment. While much remains unclear about what the Copenhagen Accord will mean in practice, it is clear what it has failed to deliver: No tighter limits on greenhouse-gas emissions. Nothing legally binding Not enough money made available […]

The first time I walked into the UNFCCC negotiations – which wasn’t so long ago (Bangkok in October), but long enough ago that I feel like I’ve had a little bit of a run-up on Copenhagen – my first thoughts were ‘what a crazy way to run the world’. So many hours and words were […]